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Babes Golf Social Media Policy


Babes Golf is committed to providing an interactive social media experience to promote the Club’s brand, our members, and events while also creating a positive and inclusive environment.  While social media websites provide many opportunities to facilitate positive communication between ourselves and our members, potential members, and the wider golf community, members should be aware that the use of these websites can also be abused and potentially damage the reputation of the Babes Golf brand, and in extreme cases result in legal proceedings. When any individual identifies their association with Babes Golf they are expected to behave appropriately, in ways that are consistent with the Babes Golf values and policies. Any content or behavior posted on a member’s social media sites that may be considered disrespectful, dishonest, offensive, harassing or damaging to the interests, image and reputation of the Babes Golf organization, members or others is not permitted.


This policy covers all forms of social media and applies to all Babes Golf Members. It does not apply to personal use of social media websites when the Member:

  • Is not identifiable as a Member of Babes Golf;

  • Makes no reference to Babes Golf or issues relating to Babes Golf.


Babes Golf Members: Official (paid) members of Babes Golf, volunteers, and any individual authorized to represent the Club.

Use of social media websites: Any online activity where information is shared by an individual that might affect Members or the Babes Golf club.

It includes but is not limited to activities such as:

  • Maintaining a profile page on a social or business networking site (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.)

  • Commenting on social media sites or posts for personal or business reasons;

  • Leaving product or service reviews on retailer sites, or customer review sites;

  • Taking part in online votes and polls;

  • Taking part in conversations on public and private web forums such as message boards.



We encourage our members to follow our social media sites and share club related content within their personal social networks. When associating yourself with Babes Golf, you may not:

  1. Post photos, videos, or other content that may compromise the professionalism and reputation of the Club;

  2. Use hostile, defamatory, or harassing language;

  3. Disclose private or confidential information about the Club, its members, guests, suppliers, or affiliates;

  4. Post or promote pornographic or sexually explicit content.

Additionally, all Babes Golf members must be considerate to other members and must remove information about another member immediately if requested the member (including images and videos). Under no circumstance should offensive or derogatory comments be made about Babes Golf, its members, or affiliates. 

As a member of Babes Golf, you are expected to contact the Club immediately if there is any information that may be perceived as defamatory or damaging to the Babes Golf brand or any Babes Golf member. 

Babes Golf maintains the right to monitor the social media activity of its members and reserves the right to remove any information not complying with the above conditions of use. Any member found to be in breach of the above may be subject to disciplinary action at the Club’s discretion, including but not limited to temporary suspension of membership, permanent termination of membership without refund of membership dues, and legal action. 

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